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New Classification...Recalled and Reversed

Tiger August, the IHSAA board shot down a proposal to shift the existing classification numbers. This vote shocked most of the state and it shook up the 4A classification. This meant that seven 4A schools would be moving to 5A, including Twin Falls and Canyon Ridge starting in the fall of 2024. However, September 5 it all changed. A petition was filed and revote took place. The proposal that was shot down in August now passed and those seven 4A schools, with the exception of Canyon Ridge, will remain in, what is now, the 5A classification. Confusing, I know. Basically here's the gist: 5A has become 6A.....4A has become 5A......3A has become 4A......2A has become 3A.....and 1AD1 has become 2A.....and 1AD2 has become 1A.

Teams like Canyon Ridge, who are moving up, have until September 10th to petition for their teams to play down a classification. So we will see if the Great Basin Conference remains exactly the same as it has been or if Canyon Ridge will be playing in the 6A ranks. When a school petitions, they may be approved to play down in one sport but not the other...and they can only petition in team sports (football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball). Attached is the new classification that will go into effect the fall of 2024.

2024-2026 Classifications
Download PDF • 200KB

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