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Jerome Wrestlers are CRAZY!

As the winter Idaho wind dances across the frozen landscape, most sane people cozy up to a warm fire and enjoy the modern comforts this world has to offer. However, the chilling gale and icy lakes serve as a beacon for a certain group of people who's headgear obviously fails to protect the ability to make logical decisions. Every year, during the height of Idaho's brutal winter, the highly decorated Jerome Wrestling Team thinks it's a solid idea to jump into Dierkes Lake. What's more insane, is that they invite certain community members to join them. Before you know it, the collective mindset of Jerome's leaders reflects those who have them brainwashed into believing that this will be the smartest thing they do all day. Then, a few at a time, take what is known as The Polar Plunge. As odd as it sounds, this event helps cement the relationship this community has with its athletic teams. It helps bond them together through ice, cold, and frozen/non functioning brain cells. This is one of the reasons that the athletic teams at Jerome High School are a vital part of a community who loves and supports them. Together we are: One Team, One Town, One Family.

Attached you will find the flier and the live stream information of this "tropical" event.

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