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Boys State Basketball Information

All Things Boys State Basketball

Time and Place

Attached, you’ll find the bracket. The IHSAA is doing things a little differently this year. All first-round games will be at Rocky Mt. High School. Semi Final games will be held at the Idaho Center, so make sure you pay attention to the bracket. Also, game times are different than in previous years. Again, pay attention to the bracket.

Our opening game is Thursday @ 5pm vs Moscow.


NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR. All tickets need to be purchased online. This was the case last year and will be the protocol moving forward with State Tournaments. Attached, you will find instructions for purchasing tickets. Coaches passes will be honored at the State Tournament so there is no need to purchase tickets if you have a pass. Follow the directions regarding which entrance to use at Rocky Mt. Subway cards and library cards will get you ridiculed and sent home.

Covid Protocols


Streaming Options

When it comes to watching/listening to the games, you have two options.

1) You can PAY TO WATCH the video stream through the NFHS Network. This is the National Company who took over State Tournaments and turned them into Pay Per View events. The information can be found on the IHSAA web page.

2) You can LISTEN FOR FREE on This option is for audio only and is provided by an Idaho company who has better broadcasters but not the video. I will be the play by play broadcaster for these games. 😁

There will be no other entities streaming or broadcasting at the State Tournament. The games are protected by the IHSAA. Anyone caught streaming without written permission from the IHSAA will be subject to a penalty imposed by the IHSAA…or a beating among the head and shoulders.

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